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The Bluetooth Developer Academy’s main focus is on training courses. One course is released on a monthly basis and as a member you get access to all the courses, past and future. As a member, you will also get access to a private forum of Bluetooth experts where lots of the valuable discussions take place.

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What is the Bluetooth Developer Academy?

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What's Included in the Academy


The Academy includes a wealth of video courses covering various aspects of Bluetooth Low Energy development and testing.


Interact, learn, and get the help you need from Bluetooth experts through a private community. The community is also where you will be able to discuss the various courses.


You’ll get access to experts in the field specializing in different areas including: embedded development, mobile development, and security.


The newest addition to the Academy is the private blog for members. This section is used for content that covers shorter and more focused topics than the courses.


Courses included cover a variety of Bluetooth development kits and platforms including: Nordic Semi nRF52, nRF53, iOS, Android, and more to be added in the future (ESP32, Silicon Labs, ST, etc.)!


Access a private list of personally vetted, trusted, and verified professional consultants that can help you accelerate your product development and take your BLE product to market faster.

The Core Foundations of Bluetooth LE Course

Primary Course

The Core Foundations Course helps you:

Monthly Premium Courses

The Bluetooth Developer Academy offers new monthly video courses covering various aspects of Bluetooth Low Energy development and testing. View the latest course trailers and upcoming courses below. 

September 2022

Getting Started with nRF Connect SDK (Part 2 - nRF5340 development)

August 2022

Intro to BLE Development on Android: GATT Operations

Upcoming Courses

October 2022

OTA DFU using nRF Connect SDK (Zephyr)


Introduction to LE Audio and Isochronous Channels (nRF5340 LE Audio DK)


Getting Started with Web Bluetooth

Who is the Academy for?

  • Beginners, intermediates, or experts. No matter your level of expertise, you’ll find content and discussions relevant to your skills and needs.
  • BUT you have to be serious about learning and putting the knowledge into practice. This is not an overnight “get-quick-results” scheme. It’s an investment that will also take effort on your part in order to succeed and get the results you really want.
  • You’re an independent consultant focused on building IoT solutions for your customers.
  • You want to make sure you and your team are looking sharp in front of your clients, and have the confidence and knowledge needed to make the right decisions when it comes to designing a Bluetooth-connected system.
  • You are part of a team focused on building products that utilize Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
  • You want to make sure you’re aware of all the latest updates and newest features introduced in the latest Bluetooth specification versions.
  • You value community and you want to connect with other developers, engineers, testers, and experts working in the Bluetooth space.

This academy is NOT for you if...

  • You are a complete beginner who has never written a single line of code.
  • You are NOT serious about putting in the effort to take the knowledge you’ll learn from the courses and apply it to your project.
  • You are simply exploring Bluetooth Low Energy technology and just wanting to learn about it at a high level. In that case, I recommend you first read through my 100% FREE “Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy” book!

Who is behind the Academy? and why should you even care?

I’m Mohammad Afaneh, a Bluetooth Developer and the Founder of Novel Bits and the Bluetooth Developer Academy.

I’ve been on your journey before…

I’ve gone from a newbie to an expert in BLE development. Having worked with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) since 2014, I’ve experienced all the stages that you go through from being a beginner all the way up to becoming an expert in the field.

You may ask, “what makes you qualified as a Bluetooth LE Expert, Mohammad”??

  • I’ve self-published a top-rated book on the topic: Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy, which has helped thousands of developers get started with learning BLE and developing Bluetooth-connected products more efficiently.
  • I’ve created an educational YouTube video series about Bluetooth Low Energy technology that’s been watched and referenced by thousands of developers.
  • I’ve consulted for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) for two and half years as the Developer Relations Manager for the Americas region.
  • I’ve consulted for tens of startups and Fortune 500 companies on the design, architecture, and marketing of Bluetooth Low Energy products.

I’ve felt the pain of the often enormous learning curve associated with developing Bluetooth Low Energy products!

I’ve learned the hard way, wasting days and weeks getting up to speed while struggling with poor or non-existent resources. 

That’s why I created the Bluetooth Developer Academyso you don’t have to learn the hard way, and can level up in no time instead.

I’m a big believer in both learning by doing and by learning from others’ experiences. That’s why I’ve included both in-depth video courses and access to a private community of Bluetooth experts for you to interact with and learn from.

I’d love for you to check out the Academy and let me know what you think. My number one priority is to get you up to speed with Bluetooth Low Energy’s best practices and keep you up-to-date on the latest in Bluetooth technology. All, so you’re equipped to tackle your projects confidently and quickly… and ship on time. 

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Don’t forget: it’s completely risk free!

I’ve packed a lot into the Bluetooth Developer Academy because not only do I want you to accelerate the development of your BLE product, but I want to guarantee that you don’t fail.

And to make it a no-brainer deal for you I’m giving you a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee with your registration of becoming a member.

That’s right: Sign up as a member, go through all the courses, follow the steps, put in the work, get help from the Academy Experts, and if you don’t love it in the first 30 days of your registration, send me an email and I’ll refund you immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

If the Bluetooth Developer Academy doesn’t work for you, I’d much prefer for you to take your money and invest it where you will be happier and get results. I just want you to succeed in getting your (or your client’s) BLE product to market in the fastest time possible!

Academy FAQs

The Academy is for consultants, developers, and product managers interested in:

  • Learning all about Bluetooth Low Energy technology and how to develop Bluetooth-connected products the right way.
  • Enhancing and optimizing their existing Bluetooth-connected system for a specific use case (throughput, DFU, low-power, user experience, etc.)
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest developments, features, and updates in Bluetooth technology.
  • Learning and applying more advanced topics within Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Connecting and interacting with other developers, testers, and experts who share their interest and passion for IoT and Bluetooth technology.

The Academy’s main focus is on training courses, with a growing library of video courses as well as written courses. Check them out here:

Library of Premium Courses
Library of Original Courses

However, another valuable offering is the wealth of knowledge that comes from the valuable discussions happening on a daily basis within the Academy’s community.

Absolutely! The Academy provides content that’s relevant to beginners and experts alike. No matter your level of expertise, you’ll find value in the Academy, its content, and its community.

If you are not satisfied with the content and your membership for any reason, let me know within 30 days of joining and I will refund your membership – no questions asked!*

*Limited to first-time members only.

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