If you need Bluetooth consulting help, please fill out the form below. Please include details about what kind of help you’re looking for, the project length, and the industry vertical. I have limited availability, so the details you provide will help me get back to you more quickly.

If you’d like to get support and help from me and other experts within the Bluetooth field in a more ad-hoc manner, I would encourage you to join the Bluetooth Developer Academy.

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While I don’t provide direct technical assistance via Email, you may want to consider joining the Bluetooth Developer Academy which includes a community & online forum and provides you access to trusted experts and consultants.

Yes! Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy is available on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle versions. Looking to purchase paperback copies in quantities? Let us know and we’ll inform you of any available bulk discounts.

I do not have the capacity to respond to technical questions via email but I do have limited availability for consulting work.

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