How to Reverse-engineer a BLE Lightbulb

A BLE sniffer can be very handy. Three primary use cases come to mind:

  • Debug problems with BLE connections
  • Reverse engineer a BLE device
  • Last but not least, as a way to learn about how BLE works and understand how data gets transferred between Central and Peripheral

In the previous blog post and video on BLE sniffers, we discussed how to use the TI CC2540 BLE sniffer to detect advertisement data. In this video, we’ll go over how to use the same BLE sniffer to capture and follow connections between a Central device and a Peripheral device.

To illustrate the use of a BLE sniffer for following a connection, I go through the exercise of reverse engineering a BLE device called the Playbulb Candle. The device is basically an LED candle that allows you to light it up in different colors and control the light with different effects such as the Candle effect, Pulse, Rainbow effect..etc.

Previously in the series:

Part 1: BLE Sniffer Basics + Comparison Guide

Part 2: How to use a BLE sniffer to capture and debug Advertisement data (Video)

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