About the Founder

Hi, I’m Mohammad Afaneh, Bluetooth developer and Founder of Novel Bits.

My interest in Bluetooth Low Energy sparked in 2014. When I first started learning about BLE and how to develop applications on the embedded (device) side, I spent hours, days, and weeks just researching and reading everything I can find on the topic. The learning curve was steep and going through the Bluetooth specification document was utterly frustrating!

Over the years, though, things started to make a lot more sense.

I became much more comfortable with the technology. Looking back, I wished there were better books and resources that targeted developers with more practical exercises and examples.

It’s probably true for many technologies, but I’ve found that many of the resources and books on BLE leave a huge gap when going from theory to practice. I would learn something interesting about BLE from the specification, but then find out that using it and implementing it for a given platform was very disconnected from what I read.

I created this blog in 2016 to document all my learnings about Bluetooth Low Energy and provide you with all the information and knowledge you need to learn about it as well. 

I’ve been on this journey before and I know how hard and frustrating it can be when you’re struggling to find the information you need to get you started with learning a new technology.

I hope you find the website and tutorials useful and save you some time on your journey to becoming a BLE expert!

Some of the IoT products I’ve worked on in the past include: