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Bluetooth Low Energy Education

Master Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) technology faster - with resources curated for developers, by developers

Bluetooth LE development isn’t straightforward. Confusing documentation and a constantly changing Bluetooth specification make it even harder to master. That’s why we’ve designed curated resources for developers who need to learn BLE product development basics and stay up-to-date with the latest in Bluetooth LE technology news. 

As the technology evolves, so do our resources. With new blogs, video courses, in-depth technology guides, and more released regularly, you’ve just found your one-stop-shop for learning and mastering Bluetooth LE development.


NEW Partnership!

We're Teaming Up with Silicon Labs

We’re thrilled to help developers create even more innovative and groundbreaking applications, thanks to this brand new partnership with one of the major players in the wireless and IoT solutions industry.  

Inside the Bluetooth Developer Academy, you’ll have access to exclusive content designed to help you build BLE products using Silicon Labs chipsets.

NEW Version! Releasing June 27, 2023

Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy e-book

New and improved version of the best-selling book, designed to help you learn the basics of Bluetooth Low Energy in a single weekend!

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Want the latest guide to BLE in 2023?

This new & improved version of the best-selling e-book is designed to help you learn the basics of Bluetooth Low Energy in a single weekend.